More about the Academy


Foundation Course:

This Foundation Course program is a fast-paced intensive designed for actors of all levels. Students new to acting will gain insight and technical ability; seasoned professionals will learn to deepen their work to new levels.

Masters Class:

As students have a strong command of the tools, techniques, and self-critiquing skills, focus is on issues of interpretation and more interesting and creative choices. The material chosen is more challenging and complex, allowing the actor to stretch his/her abilities.

Improv Class:

Students will learn to explore their sense of spontaneity, heighten their listening and verbal skills, build their self-confidence, work out inhibitions and develop their trust and communication skills, while learning the fundamental rules of improvisation in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Commercial Workshop:

This 4-week workshop prepares any new actor interested in Commercials. This course will teach you the techniques in booking a commercial.

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